DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw Review

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DWS782 Slide Compound Miter Saw

A miter saw is a special tool that is used to make cuts at different angles. It is a saw that has blade connected to its swing arm which moves in left or right manner and makes cuts with angles. Miter saw is famously used in cutting picture frames, window frames or casings, door frames, and etcetera.

There are 3 kinds of miter saw available today. A multifarious miter saw, twin compound miter saw, DWS782-12-Inch-Slide-Compound-Miter-Sawand also a sliding-compound-miter saw. Since the general feature of miter saws are having an arm that pivots left or right, compound miter saws also have this feature. Along with this, it also tilts in one direction of your choice that creates beveled cuts. A twin compound-miter saw, on the other hand, works similarly to a compound miter saw only with a difference that this can tilt in two directions, left right. And finally, a sliding compound-miter saw not just allows moving in left or right, but also in forwarding and backward motion. Sliding compound-miter saw are quite the same to a radial arm saw. It is known for increasing the length of cuts it makes.

Features & Description

DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw is a new addition to Dewalt’s series of miter saws in the past. This followed the famous model of Dewalt, DWS780, which received good reviews because of its wonderful features. And the new model DWS782 is made to be much better than the previous one.

Its features include a 15 AMP of the motor that gives a lot more power and durability and delivers a blade that works 3,800 rpm that allows the saw to easily cut even the hardest woods. It is also attached with an efficient system of dust collector giving users around 75% of dust-free work. DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter saw offers an impressive combination of cutting capacities which include a vertical capacity of 6 and 3/4, a 13 a 7/8 horizontal capacity, and lastly a nested crown capacity which is known to be 7 and a half. A 2×16 cut of 90 degrees and at 45 degrees, it cuts up to 2×12 which adds to the already advantageous cut features this model has.

Along with these features is an adjustable miter detent plate made of stainless steel that has 10 positive stops and a cam lock button that gives fastening permission to the user in angles between dents.


The advantages of this product are what make it the best tool for woodworkers and carpenters. Because of its flexibility, this product allows the user carry this easily. Also, it miters to an angle of 60 degrees to the right and a 50-degree angle to the left which provides an increase of capacity. Another pro is that it gives a perfect cut making one’s work of excellent result.


With these advantages also comes with disadvantages. As been said before, the dust collecting system works at 75% efficiency. This is because of the narrow plastic tube that is connected from the bag to the saw. This will cause the tube to clog up after series of cutting.


Does it work with the LED light just like the DWS7080?

No. Unfortunately, the DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw’s other con is that it does not support the lights and it does not have a lighting feature.

Does this model work if mounted in Dewalt DWX725B work stand with saw brackets?

Yes, this model works with the Dewalt DWX72 work stand with brackets.

Does this saw come with a laser beam? And if it does, can you mount it with that?

No. Only the more expensive ones come with laser beams. And since they don’t come with laser beams, there is also no possibility of mounting laser beams to this product.

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DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw
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